Rebecca Katherine Lewis

Rebecca Katherine Lewis

12 December 1924
Basra, Iraq
29 January 2024
London, United Kingdom
Words by
Allen Lewis son

All mothers are irreplaceable and my mother leaves us with a huge sense of loss, both of her presence and also as the last of our direct descendants from a world gone by.

She was from a school of motherhood which devoted itself to others, always putting her family’s needs and our wishes before her own. Not just sometimes but every time, and right up to the end in not wanting to be a burden for us.

Her treasure was her spirit and love

She showed us immense love and care. To her husband and two sons, to her sisters and brothers and grandchildren who lit up her life, she was mother to all.

She has left us with treasured memories; be they from her selfless moral support, or for the feasts prepared from a kitchen just a few feet wide, or even just her smile.

She did not care for material goods. Her treasure was her spirit and love. Being with her grandchildren gave her so much pleasure, and in the end they treated her like a mother would treat their beloved daughter. A love learned from her. Sarah in particular was always there for her.

But alongside our loss there is also gratitude, not least for her longevity of ninety nine years, but for her kindness and endless love, for bestowing her sense of duty and right from wrong, and guiding us with good values. I know that whatever goodness there is in me was placed there by her.