Alicia Adele Lewis

Alicia Adele Lewis

19 June 1939
London, United Kingdom
01 February 2024
At home in London, United Kingdom
Words by
Mirelle Lewis Beloved daughter

My darling Mummy Alicia Adele was born on 19 June 1939 to Rachel and Morry, a little sister for Patricia and then a big sister for Michele and Douglas. As siblings they were very close and adored by their parents, living also with their Grandma Riva. They had a wonderful upbringing rich in love and unity. The girls were the Dixie Sisters and sang with their Dad and brother and performed in shows.

Their home had an open door and anyone was welcome and they were always taught to share what they had, say please and thank you and carry a handkerchief. Mummy idolised her parents and was truly devoted to them.

a career in Harley Street as a dental nurse

Leaving school at a young age, she worked before starting a career in Harley Street as a dental nurse. She worked for many years and retired about ten years ago from a practice in Golders Green.

Initially mummy did not want to get married and refused proposals, wanting to just have friends and not have to leave her parents’ home. All that changed after she went to a party after the Fast of Yom Kippur and she was in the kitchen and my Dad walked in, having gate crashed the party, looking for peanuts. Now living in Maida Vale she would often wait till late for my Dad to complete his client meetings and latest deal till he was free to see her. They courted and married nearly fifty five years ago at St John’s Wood shul where she was the most beautiful bride and walked down the aisle carrying her siddur.

Moving from Willesden to Woodside Park, Bradley was born on 5 January 1972 and I was born on 5 February 1973 and she always said, “Don’t ask me what I’m doing on 5 March.”

My Mummy was the best there could ever be. She was devoted to my Dad, Bradley and myself and always made time for anyone, always going above and beyond. Whatever the situation she always saw the positive and never a bad word to anyone. Her love was unconditional, and she never expected anything from anyone.

walked down the aisle carrying her siddur

As I sit and try to find the words, they are not enough. To have known Alicia is to have loved Alicia. She touched anyone fortunate enough to have met her and was oblivious to the magnet of love she portrayed. Several years ago she was made Eshet Chayil at Kinloss where my parents have been members for nearly fifty years and even when they called to tell her, she refused it and told them to give it to someone else. She really was an Eshet Chayil in every way.

Whatever Bradley and I did, she was proud. Whatever we needed was never too much. She devoted her life to helping others and always saw people for who they were, always finding good in them.

Lauren and Ella came into her world and she was the best Nana there could be. She spent quality time with them and taught them so much and as she said to them, ‘would always be in their pocket’.

She welcomed Martin with open arms, and they shared a special bond that was unique. Bradley loved Mummy with a depth never seen and doted on her. She had such patience and understanding and never stopped believing in him.

To have known Alicia is to have loved Alicia

To me my Mummy was and always will be my best friend. I cannot put into words my love for her and how much I will miss her but believe she will always be a big part of me. She brought me into this world fifty one years minus three days ago and I was there when she left a day ago, something I told her I would do, as she was there when I entered, I was there as she left.

My darling Mummy had such a strong faith and even during her illness it never faded. She never questioned, only accepted. Never hated, only loved. Never doubted, only believed. Even in her final days when prayers and psalms were recited to her, she responded with such love, holding onto each and every word.

There simply are not the right or enough words to justify what an unbelievable woman she was. She lit up a room and touched everyone and I know she will live on in our hearts and minds. Everyone of you that knew her is a better person for it and you are blessed to have had her in your life.

To the world she was one person, to this one person she was my world.

My darling Mummy, you are now at peace.

Shalom x